About talking about himself

If you are wondering why I decided to brand myself as ‘’ (and behind that whatever I’m doing) it’s a simple one. And I’ll break it down here: Theun <- that’s my first name B stands for Boeran (I was named after a Russian spaceship, kid you not) and E stands for my last name Evers. And I thought, I have the domain why not make it work? cooking (<- not likely), wokring, explaing, Talking. You get the gist..

I live in the Netherlands and use to write my blog in Dutch. It’s still available at where most of the 583 blogposts were written between 2007 and 2013. I also have a Youtube channel (on which I’m 19 followers shy of being able to get my own personal link) were a video of me blending 1 kilo of mandarins is by far the most viewed one with over 34 thousand viewers.

I want to say a big thanks to Martin for hosting my websites with his company MultiServe.