Plants growing his green thumb growing his green thumb

I’ve never been good in keeping my plants alive, I was even able to kill succulents. Except for one sansevieria and a apple tree that I got from work (I forgot to take that out of it’s box for over a year and it was still alive, now that’s my kind of green). I often just forgot to give them water or over water them, it’s no rocket science but it requieres a bit more attention then just dumping some water on the soil.. but it’s looking up for the plants that are entering our home, I’m finally developing my green thumb.

Level 1: Mini Urban Jungle Box

I was even able to grow 4 out of the 5 little plants from the Mini Urban Jungle Box from! That went a lot better then their ‘bastardbox‘ which contains plants that are ‘saved from the bin’. But it might also to do with the fact that the Urban Jungle plants are next to my desk and have better lighting (our livingroom is quite dark). And to be fair, they do say you have to have a green thumb and a green heart for the bastards..

After 3 months I even succesfully transfered the mini’s in to there bigger pots. I know they usually stay longer in their pots, but they were getting quite big for their very small starter-pots..

One special tip for all of you out there who have pets..

Make sure you don’t use a jar that you previously used to store candies for your furry friends. That will results in these kind of shots, cute but dangerous. Like many plants monstera is (lightly) toxic for cats! After I realized my mistake I’ve swapped out the jar for a not like-cat-candy-smelling jar. Want to know which plants are toxic? Head over to the website of ASPCA!

Current state

After about having them for 5 months I am very proud that they already grew to be this big! Especially the pancake plant is growing well and the monstera is now hanging! And even after the cats have throw them all of the windowsil at least once, they still going strong. I feel that I now have one cm of my right thumb is now green!

Level 2: cuttings from Plantrebelz

Because I enjoyed the proces so much of seeing the small plants grow and we have a need for new plants (we just bought a kitchen ilse) I subscripted myself to a monthly ‘cuttings’-box from Plantrebelz. Why monthly? Well.. it was 2 euro’s cheaper then a one time box and there’s always space for more plants!

I’m curious to know from what plants they are giving me cuttings. I’ll be getting 4 and in my first delivery a free suprise! I do think it will be going to be alright, it’s the first company ever I’ve seen receiving only 5 star reviews (with a 134 reviews) on Google.

The cuttings will be arriving in a few days, I’ll give an update on those when they come in.

This was my first blog on, share your thoughts with me down below or read what this page is all about on the about page.

6 thought on “ growing his green thumb”

    1. Step 5: a plant-surrounded bathtub?
      Step 6: a plant-loving dog and dog loving plant pairing?

  1. Nice blog Theun. Overwatering in my experience kills more plants than under watering.
    Keep up the good work!

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